The Strange Paradoxes of Our Age.....

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The Strange Paradoxes of Our Age.....

Post by lzzrdgrrl » Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:58 pm

Paradox No. 2: Green Filth.

Answer: a) Perhaps the primeval stink and disease are seen as organic and are therefore not a dreaded cause of global warming. b) Wealthy, urban people can navigate around the homeless with private security and chauffeured transportations, and by doing business away from hoi polloi. c) The ecological assault is the work of purported victims, not rich white males — a fact known to the homeless who know very well that they are exempt from the law that applies to the middle classes. d) Cleaning up the cities, ensuring modern hygiene, and dealing with the homeless would require lawmakers to make conservative and traditional choices and judgments about human nature — taboo in our relativist society. ... d-reality/
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